The Top 7 Celebrity Virtual Food Brands in 2023

Celebrities have always left their mark on the food industry, from cookbooks to TV shows to restaurant outings. With the advent of virtual brands, they can now leverage their star power to bring their favorite foods to their fans.. In this blog, we’re showcasing the top 7 celebrity-backed virtual food brands causing a stir in the delivery world in 2023. But first, let’s review the basics: what is a virtual brand?

What the heck is a virtual brand?

A virtual brand, also referred to as a virtual restaurant, is a restaurant concept that only exists through online food delivery platforms and does not have a physical storefront. While the restaurant itself is virtual (hence the name), the food is real and prepared by real chefs—typically ghost kitchens or traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants. A single restaurant can run multiple virtual restaurants using the same ingredients and kitchen space, boosting sales through secondary revenue sources. 

You may have already explored the world of virtual brands without realizing it. If you’ve ever ordered from MrBeast Burger, then brace yourself for a surprise –  you have just experienced a virtual brand first-hand. Even if MrBeast isn’t ringing any bells, there’s still a high chance that you’ve tried a virtual brand before. An impressive 41% of U.S. restaurants operate a virtual brand on delivery services to drive more sales. 

The Top 7 Celebrity Virtual Food Brands in 2023

Celebrity Virtual Brand #1

MrBeast Burger: MrBeast is a popular YouTube personality who recently entered the food industry with his virtual brand, MrBeast Burger. Famous for giving millions of dollars away to strangers and filming crazy stunts, MrBeast had no trouble creating buzz around MrBeast Burger. The fast food burger brand uses MrBeast’s social media clout to reach fans of the influencer & beyond on delivery apps.

MrBeast Burger

Celebrity Virtual Brand #2

Pizzaoki by Steve Aoki: DJ Steve Aoki established his virtual pizzeria, “Pizzaoki,” in 2018. The brand offers a “modern take on New York-style thin crust pizza,” with menu items inspired by Aoki’s music, such as “Rage,” “Just Hold On,” and “Neon Future.” The EDM DJ promotes the brand on Instagram, frequently showcasing the pizza at music festivals. 


Celebrity Virtual Brand #3

Packed Bowls by Wiz Khalifa: In 2022, Wiz Khalifa introduced his (second!) virtual brand, Packed Bowls. The brand offers a late-night delivery menu featuring classic snack foods served in bowls and topped with munchies-inspired toppings, such as Hot Cheetos dust. The marketing for Packed Bowls incorporates humorous references to marijuana and Wiz Khalifa’s music, including a savory take on his smash hit “Mac and Yellow.” 

Packed Bowls

Celebrity Virtual Brand #4

Buddy V’s Cake Slice: If you’re a fan of early 2000s reality TV hit, Cake Boss,” we’ve got just the brand for you. Buddy V’s Cake Slice is a virtual bakery that offers Buddy’s famous cakes, cupcakes, and other sweets. “It’s cake Hoboken-style, Baby!” To ensure absolute freshness, the cake slices are cooled down, frosted, quickly frozen and individually packaged to ensure peak deliciousness.

Nations’ Restaurant News

Celebrity Virtual Brand #5

Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen: The frosted-tip food legend Guy Fieri has become more than a meme-slash-drive-in, diner & dive connoisseur. Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen launched in 2021 with a promise to “deliver real-deal Guy Fieri flavors to your doorstep.” His menu includes all your favorite comfort foods from mac’ and cheese to cheeseburgers and more.


Celebrity Virtual Brand #6

Mariah Carey’s Cookies: All I want for Christmas is….cookies? Mariah Carey recently entered the virtual brand space with her cookie line: Mariah’s Cookies. The music icon created the  brand to deliver gourmet holiday treats. The full menu has a solid variety of flavors, including chocolate chunk, spiced oatmeal raisin, lemon cooler, white chocolate cranberry, and more.

Mariah Carey’s Cookies

Celebrity Virtual Brand #7

George Lopez’s Chingon Kitchen: Comedian and actor George Lopez launched his (second!) authentic Mexican virtual brand to pay tribute to his grandmother. With a menu inspired by his Mexican heritage, Chingon Kitchen offers “an authentic badass street-taco experience,” with menu items ranging from tacos and burritos to the “The George Lopez Burger.” 

Chingon kitchen

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