5 Myths about Virtual Brands – Busted!

As with all innovations, virtual branding has its fair share of skeptics. Can opening up new revenue streams for my restaurant really be that easy? Do customers really want virtual brands? Can a virtual brand really help my restaurant? There are many myths about virtual brands, and, if restaurateurs believe them, they might miss out on one of the industry’s most impactful – and most lucrative – revolutions. 

At Future Foods, we know a virtual brand myth when we see one, and we have the knowledge to disprove them. Let’s check out some common misconceptions about virtual branding, and see if we can’t serve up some facts. By the end of this post, you’ll see why virtual brands aren’t just profitable – they’re crucial to success in delivery!

Virtual Brand Myth #1: Virtual restaurants are hard to run! 

False! No matter how skilled you are with order management or delivery apps, operating a virtual brand is easy and fun. Many restaurateurs think that virtual brands require huge amounts of complicated technology, but nothing could be less true. In fact, when you run a virtual brand with Future Foods, you reduce the amount of tech in your kitchen! 

The only piece of equipment you need to be a Future Foods operator is an Otter tablet – an all-in-one solution to your digital ordering needs. Otter tablets integrate directly into your existing POS system, and connect to all of your delivery partners. Using this single point of technology, you can control your virtual brands with just a few taps! With Future Foods and Otter, running a virtual restaurant brand has never been easier or more accessible. 

Virtual Brand Myth #2: Virtual Restaurants are a fad!

They are!? You’d better tell the restaurant industry, because they’ve invested in this fad to the tune of $58 billion! In fact, from 2021 to 2022, the market for virtual brands and ghost kitchens increased by over $6 billion. This growth is on-track to increase throughout the 2020s, and industry experts estimate that virtual brands will be worth $89.5 billion within three years. If virtual brands are a fad, they’re one of the most successful and longest-lived fads ever!

It’s easy to dismiss virtual branding as a bandwagon, but the data doesn’t lie: virtual brands are here to stay. They’re a natural extension of digital delivery, and are being accepted by more restaurateurs every day. As the market for virtual brands continues to grow, you’ll see businesses continuously achieve long-term success with them. Getting started with virtual branding is a great way to capitalize on this growth, and to stay at the forefront of restaurant innovation!

Virtual Brand Myth #3: Virtual brands aren’t profitable!

Incorrect! Virtual brands are one of the most profitable segments of the modern restaurant industry, and it’s easy to see why. As a delivery-only method of serving customers, virtual brands minimize location costs, front-of-house costs, and most kinds of overhead. They can be operated almost anywhere, and, partnered with today’s leading delivery apps, can reach customers in a huge radius. Virtual brands eliminate all the redundancies of restaurant management, so owners and staff can focus on what matters: serving customers!

With reduced overhead, restaurateurs can charge lower prices and still reap financial rewards – a tasty proposition for owners and eaters. Future Foods operators gain another advantage in profitability: they’re paid on a weekly basis, so they’re never short on funds. When you’re working with a virtual brand, higher sales, revenue, and profit are always on the table. 

Virtual Brand Myth #4: Virtual brands won’t fit my restaurant!

Wrong! When we said virtual brands were accessible, we weren’t kidding. The best virtual brands are built on consumer preferences, scalability, and ease of preparation, making them both adaptable and unique. Operators are paired with the brands that are best for their business’s growth, maximizing their restaurants’ potential for success. Today’s leading virtual brands don’t just complement existing menus – they set the standard for what modern consumers want to order. 

Future Foods’ range of virtual brands is extensive and diverse, with cuisines and items suited for all kinds of kitchens. We tailor our menus to encompass every ingredient, culture, and technique, so you’ll always be making the food that you’re best at. No matter what you’ve got cooking, there’s a Future Foods virtual brand that’s right for you! 

Virtual Brand Myth #5: Virtual brands aren’t credible!

Preposterous! Virtual brands didn’t appear out of thin air – they’ve been tested and refined across every level of the restaurant industry. Major players in the restaurant space, like TGI Fridays, Outback Steakhouse, and Applebee’s, have succeeded with virtual brands for years. These companies realize that customers’ ordering habits are changing, and that they need to adapt to remain relevant. Virtual brands let leaders like these employ their existing facilities to reach new customers in an efficient, productive way. They can do the same for you!

Large companies aren’t the only ones thriving with virtual brands, though! Here at Future Foods, we’ve seen a variety of independent eateries capture their communities’ taste buds with our virtual brands. They may be a recent innovation, but virtual brands have excelled across the world for well over half a decade. As you’ve seen earlier, they’re one of the most profitable, adaptable, and easy-to-run parts of the restaurant industry. There’s no better endorsement than that!

Virtual Brand Myth #6: You can get started with Virtual Brands today!

True! Now that you’ve busted the myths about virtual restaurant branding, you’re ready to start operating a brand of your own! Stay knowledgeable on virtual brands with our FAQ, and see Why Future Foods? for what makes us your ideal partner. 

Don’t forget: While learning about virtual brands might seem intimidating, a Future Foods expert is always here to help! Reach out if you’re curious about virtual brands – our digital restaurant specialists are more than happy to satisfy your cravings. 

Hungry for success in virtual restaurant branding? Book a demo with Future Foods today, and spice up your restaurant’s profits!