Future Foods Payments: FAQ, taxes, payment schedule, and more

Whether you’re a current Future Foods operator or in the process of becoming one, today’s blog will cover frequently asked questions regarding your payments. From taxes to payment schedules and more, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the process. 

Where can I access my pay statements? 

Head to your Business Manager Portal for a breakdown of payments.

How to access Business Manager: 

  1. Go to https://manager.tryotter.com
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. Hit ‘Virtual Brands’ on the top left menu
  4. Hit ‘Payments’ 

If you don’t remember your login credentials go to https://manager.tryotter.com

Enter your email address and hit ‘Forgot Password.” You should receive an email for a password reset within a few minutes. In the event that you do not receive an email, please let us know so we can help you gain access.

Once on the payment page, you can click on each pay statement to get a more detailed view of your orders and payout. You can also download a CSV file by clicking ‘Download CSV’.

How do taxes work? 

Future Foods pays you for the order tax, then you are in charge of paying those taxes back to the state.  Your taxes can be accessed via the Business Manager portal (https://manager.tryotter.com). 

Once you have logged into the portal, select ‘Virtual Brands’ on the sidebar, then select ‘Payments’. The ‘Taxes’ section will display the amount you are in charge of reporting. 

You can download your statements as a CSV File by clicking ‘Download CSV’ on your Statement tab. All taxes displayed in the ‘Taxes’ section on your Payment portal are your responsibility to pay and report. 

How come I don’t owe taxes on certain delivery apps or orders? 

If you don’t owe taxes on a certain order, it is because your state does not have sales tax on prepared goods. Instead, your state is likely classified under ‘Marketplace Facilitator Tax’ (MFT). Marketplace Facilitator Tax is when the delivery app is responsible for calculating, collecting, and remitting all order transactions/taxes made through their platform. Delivery apps are responsible for MFT orders only. The sales tax reported in your Business Manager portal is still the restaurant’s responsibility. 

To learn more about the Marketplace Facilitator Tax, please view the links below: 

Will Future Foods send me 1099? 

No, Future Foods will not send you 1099 at the end of the year. You are responsible for reporting the taxes displayed in your Business Manager portal. 

Why is the tax taken out of the order subtotal? 

The tax calculation is made on the cost of the products/goods sold to the end consumer. 

What is Future Food’s payment schedule? 

 Future Foods issues your payments every Thursday. That said, you can access the weekly statements on your Business Manager portal (https://manager.tryotter.com) every Thursday to see the previous week’s statements. The weekly reports run from the previous Friday (2 weeks ago): Friday  4:00 PM PST – Last Thursday  3:59 PM PST.

When do I get paid? 

Depending on your bank, you will receive your Direct Deposit from orders completed the following week every Thursday or Friday.

You can view exact pay statement dates by logging into your Business Manager portal. After you have logged in, hit ‘Virtual Brands’ on the sidebar and then ‘Payments.’ Once in the Payment portal, you can hover over each payment date to see what dates are included in your payout.

Thank you!
We hope this blog answered your questions regarding Future Foods’ payment system. For outstanding questions related to your payment schedule, portal, taxes, or general inquiries, please contact support@futurefoods.io for support.