How to Be A Successful Future Foods Operator

As a Future Foods Operator, you’re entering a world of innovative restaurant practices and delivery app success. There’s plenty to learn, but our system makes growing your business and increasing revenue quick, easy, and dare we say… fun!? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of becoming a virtual brand master. 

No matter how familiar you are with virtual branding, these tips can drive sales and boost customer engagement. Review this guide thoroughly – it will help you gain confidence and experience with any of our brands. By applying this information, customers will realise your operator strengths and be excited to start placing orders with your business. Let’s go!

Step #1: Understand how Virtual Brands benefit your business

Simply put, a virtual brand is a restaurant that you operate entirely through delivery apps. Virtual brands are extremely valuable to modern restaurant owners. Run well, they help reduce food waste, keep your staff working at 100%, and open up new revenue streams! Virtual brands let you make the most out of your resources.

Future Foods offers a wide variety of virtual brands to suit any type of restaurant. No matter what type of cuisine your business offers, Future Foods has a brand that matches your inventory and helps you maximise your orders and profits. How?

Think of it like this. If you’re an Italian restaurant, you’re likely tagged as “Italian” on the delivery apps. That’s great if an eater is searching for “Italian” within the apps, but what if they’re searching for “pizzas” or “pasta” or “rocket salad”? Virtual brands take advantage of your ingredients and help expand your reach into new cuisine types so more eaters can discover and order from you. Yes, it’s a new concept, but if your restaurant is ready to innovate, virtual brands are for you!

Step #2: Understand how Virtual Brands connect to delivery apps

Delivery apps are a key element of virtual brands – they’re the way that customers view and order from your menu! Future Foods partners with today’s leading delivery apps, like Uber Eats and DoorDash, to ensure your storefronts are seen by as many people as possible. We know how to create eye-catching storefronts on these platforms so you can stand out from your competitors. Don’t worry about setting up these storefronts yourself – we take care of all the hard parts, so all you need to do is keep cooking great food!

Future Foods’ virtual brands utilise the ordering and marketing features that leading delivery apps provide to reduce strain on your staff. Our distinct branding, pre-built menus, and effective promotions incentivise customer interaction. They also minimise delivery apps’ commission costs and put more money in your pocket with every order! When you run a brand with Future Foods, you maximise your restaurant’s exposure on third-party delivery apps. 

Step #3: Understand Future Foods’ additional benefits

The Future Foods team is made up of professionals in restaurant branding, but that isn’t the only value we provide to your business. As a Future Foods operator, you gain key support with marketing, delivery app setup, and data collection to help you reach the top and stay there.

Our additional benefits are tailored for speed, efficiency, and effectiveness, so you don’t have to take on loads of new responsibilities or costs. We understand that the kitchen is a fast-moving space –by helping you reach and satisfy as many customers as possible, we help keep it that way.

Step #4: Understand how Future Foods integrates with Hubster

Hubster, your all-in-one order management platform, is a vital tool for Future Foods operators. As a full package of digital restaurant services, Hubster keeps all of your orders, activities, and insights in one place, so you can focus on making great food. The Hubster tablet integrates directly with your current POS system and puts critical information at your fingertips.

Managing virtual (and non-virtual) brands is easy with Hubster. The platform connects with your delivery partners and feeds all information directly into your POS. Accessing and updating this data is key to a streamlined Future Foods experience. It makes operating many brands at once simple and eliminates the chaos of managing different tablets for different services. Taking control of your virtual brands is a snap with Hubster – learn more about it here!

Step #5: Understand Future Foods’ Pricing Model

At Future Foods, our goal is to boost your bottom line, and our pricing model does just that. When you run our brands, we set prices for all your items at rates that maximise profit and customer demand. We take a small portion of each sale to continue supporting your business on our side, and the rest is directly deposited into your bank account every week.

To keep your restaurant in the black, Future Foods covers marketing and service costs for its operators, so you won’t get buried in hidden fees. We adhere to all local delivery laws, and are always eager to find new ways of helping you increase orders – and revenue. Our pricing model helps your restaurant grow and succeed fast!

Step #6: Understand the Seamlessness of Future Foods

There’s no time to waste in the restaurant industry, so we get you started with virtual brands ASAP. Running a virtual brand with Future Foods uses your existing space, staff, and ingredients. Aside from a single tablet, you won’t need any extra equipment, either! Our services keep your staff on track and ready for action.

We want your virtual brand to be your own. That’s why you can add, edit, and delete items from your brands’ online menus at any time. You can also use Hubster’s range of delivery features to control every aspect of your digital system. Future Foods gives you all the benefits of virtual branding without interrupting your workflow and makes your entire restaurant efficient.

Step #7: Understand these Winning Strategies

Now that you’re a virtual branding pro, here are some tips to keep you ahead of the competition! 

  • Strive to complete all of your orders. Every time you reject an order, your delivery partners penalise you, which harms your visibility. If you reject too many orders, your store is temporarily shut off! Fulfil all the orders you can and you’ll reach the top rankings.
  • Ensure your online hours are consistent. Customers want a good idea of when they can order from you – try not to disappoint them.  Inconsistent hours and/or unexpected storefront closures hurt your in-app review scores, so maintain steady working hours and only take a break when you need to. 
  • Keep your brand’s standards high! No one wants to hear that their order is missing an item, so ensure your inventory can fulfil the orders from your new brand(s). Maintaining high brand, menu, and item integrity will show customers your professionalism, and make them want to order again. Hold onto our menu and hero photos, too – they are optimised for delivery apps’ specifications.

Now, start growing your Restaurant with Virtual Brands!

With these steps, you won’t just be succeeding with Future Foods – you’ll be a major player in your community’s virtual brand space! For even more on how to become a successful Future Foods operator, check out our FAQ and Why Future Foods? pages. Make the most of our delectable virtual brands, and customers will be happy to return the favour.

Future Foods is your restaurant’s ticket to success with virtual branding. Book a demo with Future Foods now, and beef up your bottom line!