SuperKitchen: Investing in Top Restaurants

What is SuperKitchen?

Become a SuperKitchen and unlock the full potential of your partnership with FutureFoods! After just three  months of operating a Future Foods’ virtual brand you could be eligible for this exclusive program. As a SuperKitchen, FutureFoods will heavily invest in promotions within delivery apps – such as Sponsored Listings and Spend/Save coupons, all of which increase visibility (and orders!) to your store. 

We have a team of marketing analysts who constantly monitor your delivery accounts and help set custom promotions – tailored specifically to your region, eater profile and price point. 

It’s our way of rewarding our top-performing kitchens for their hard work and dedication!

How can I become a SuperKitchen?

Once you’ve been live for at least 3 months, you are automatically eligible to become a SuperKitchen if you meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a 4.0 average star rating across all partnering virtual brands on all online food ordering platforms.
  • Maintain an average cancellation rate of less than 2.0% across all partnering virtual brands on all online food ordering platforms. 
  • Maintain an average of 100 monthly orders per virtual brand in total across all platforms.

The FutureFoods Analytics team reviews eligibility each month and you will be notified via email if you qualify! 

Why does my store have to be live for 3 months or more to be eligible to become a member of SuperKitchen?

Within the first 3 months, you are automatically enrolled in a 90 day promotions campaign called Launch Success. Launch Success is designed to aggressively promote all stores for the first 3 months with heavy spend on in-app promotions to give all stores an equal chance to achieve success. 

As long as you cook up great food for your customers, have minimal cancellations, and great customer reviews, the chances of succeeding in the first 3 months are extremely high. 

What if I do not make it to SuperKitchen? What investment should I expect?

Within the first 3 months of onboarding (Launch Success):

  • Aggressive promotions to help generate more orders from valued eaters 
  • Sponsored listings with a moderate daily budget investment.

After the first 3 months of being live:

  • Our data learning models will segment all stores into buckets depending on various performance metrics such as: new eater %, average order value, cancellation rate, geographical population density and much more to come up with the best promotional strategy possible for your store. 
  • Promotional investment is less compared to the investment allocated towards the highest performing operators that qualify for SuperKitchen. (SuperKitchen operators receive 5x more in monthly marketing spend on average) 
  • Operators who do not qualify for SuperKitchen will not be eligible for any special marketing campaigns that we elect to do. As part of providing the best eater experience, we aim to drive higher demand towards kitchens that are most reliable in providing an excellent eater experience.

How often do we check to see which business partners are eligible for SuperKitchen?

At the beginning of every month, our team of marketing experts will analyze all business partners’ eligibility based on last month’s performance. We will reach out to qualifying kitchens on a monthly basis via email. 

How do I know how much FutureFoods is investing in my virtual brands? 

FutureFoods sends out a monthly email recapping performance and promotional spend. 

How do I benefit from achieving SuperKitchen status?

As a SuperKitchen, you’ll gain priority in marketing fund allocation, allowing our team of marketing experts to apply promotional strategies tailored to yield the best results on any given day. 

  • Increase your order basket size by over 50% and therefore increase your payout.
  • See on average 5.3x higher marketing investment compared to non-SuperKitchens. On average, SuperKitchens typically receive more than $1,500 in marketing investment.
  • Unlock access to Sponsored Listings which help your store gain visibility on the food ordering platform. Sponsored Listings can help drive anywhere between 35-65% higher orders. 

But that’s not all! Operators who have continuously achieved SuperKitchen status for 3 or more months also have the potential to be featured on our social media platforms. Interested? We’ll email you to see if you’re interested in getting featured. Once you agree, our branding team will give you a few questions to answer, and voila – your store will be featured on our social media platforms!