Tech Expert Aamer Aman of Kabob Guys Took a Chance on Virtual Brands

In a recent interview with Aamer Aman, owner of Kabob Guys, we discussed his journey of restaurant industry entrepreneurship. From bustling New York streets to Texas’s dining scene, Aamer’s culinary journey is a rollercoaster of flavors, challenges, and innovations. Let’s look at how Aamer embraces restaurant tech and believes that virtual brands can succeed in this bustling, ever-changing industry.

“My staff loves Future Foods –- it’s actually the future!”

Aamer Aman, Owner of Kabob Guys, McAllen, TX

From Dreamer to Culinary Extraordinaire

When Aamer Aman lived in New York City, he worked at Fortune 500 companies. While he was heavily involved in IT, cooking was his secret passion. Aamer taught himself his culinary skills and would put himself to the test by cooking for his family. Even his grandma was a fan of his food, and would vouch for his skills in the kitchen!

Eventually, Aamer made the move to McAllen, TX for family, and never thought of opening a restaurant until 2017. After deciding to go for it, he and his wife Sabreen found a location and purchased it from the owner. They completely remodeled the restaurant from soups to nuts – initially, Aamer didn’t even know what to name it. He wanted the restaurant’s name to represent the food he served. In March 2018, Kabob Guys – Aamer’s brick-and-mortar store that serves authentic Indian food – went live.

Joining Forces with Future Foods

The opportunity to work with Future Foods fell into Aamer’s lap when he got an email from one of our representatives. As he spoke to Future Foods, he envisioned all the possibilities that the world of culinary innovation could bring.

“You don’t have a commission – we are the only ones killing it with take-out.”

Aamer Aman

As a former IT professional, Aamer’s tech-savvy mind sparked with excitement at merging cutting-edge technology with the culinary world. One of Future Foods’ main selling points for Aamer was our integration with the Otter tablet

Originally, Kabob Guys used 6-7 different tablets to take orders, making its daily activities hard to manage. The team had to hand-type key orders into POS systems and organize them manually. With Future Foods, Aamer eliminated all the tablets Kabob Guys was juggling and switched to using just one, instead. By adding Otter, which employs a high-tech interface, into its workflow, Kabob Guys can print, manage, and fulfill orders easily.

Kabob Guys currently operates 3 different virtual brands, making up 30% of the business’s revenue.

“Revenue went up, almost doubled because of Future Foods.”

Aamer Aman

Aamer Aman’s journey from tech to the restaurant industry is a testament to the unyielding power of passion and innovation. From his beginnings in NYC to changing the cuisine of McAllen, Texas, Aamer serves as a reminder to fellow restaurateurs. Never give up on your restaurant dreams, and be open to new possibilities – in tech and beyond. 

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