From a Local Restaurant to a Tech-Forward Eatery with Virtual Brands

Virtual brands have become increasingly popular over the past few years, especially with the pandemic driving more people to order food online. One restaurateur who has found success in this space is Socrates Yakoumatos, the owner and operator of Maryland’s Pancake House.

In a recent interview with Yakoumatos, he discussed his beginnings in the restaurant industry through his family business. It’s a truly remarkable immigrant success story: starting from a carry-out breakfast place in Washington, D.C., Yakoumatos’ father established the original location in 1959, then expanded into the Washington/Maryland areas during the late ‘60s. This year, the business celebrates its 35th anniversary. 

Yakoumatos first got started with Future Foods during the pandemic. With in-person dining not permitted, he knew that he had to adapt his business model quickly to keep his restaurant afloat. He had heard about virtual brands, and decided to give them a shot. 

From not being computer savvy to operating delivery

During our interview, Yakoumatos mentioned that “he’s not computer savvy,” and that he “wasn’t sure how to market online.” After launching his restaurant’s virtual brands, though, Socrates has seen great success in serving customers digitally, and is now planning to expand his delivery-only menus. 

Pancake House started out with 3 of Future Foods’ digital delivery brands. After seeing the benefits of opening up these new revenue streams, the restaurant quickly expanded to 11 brands, which it currently fulfills out of its Maryland-based kitchen. Yakoumatos identifies younger customers as being eager to pay for restaurant delivery – especially from virally-marketed brands. Virtual brands have also allowed Pancake House to thrive during labor shortages, streamlining the business’s operations and costs.   

“Future Foods has been a lifesaver, really. A lot less stress and a fantastic experience.”

Socrates Yakoumatos, 
Pancake House
Brekkie Bagels

How Virtual Brands help Pancake House Succeed

Getting Socrates set up on his first few virtual brands was easy with Future Foods. Since doing so, Pancake House has seen a major increase in sales. In fact, 98% of the restaurant’s delivery sales are now from Future Foods’ virtual brands! Yakoumatos used to sell only 15% of his current amount, and went from “working 12-hour days to 4-hour days.” When asked about the value of Future Foods, Yakoumatos said “It’s more automated and streamlined. I love that I can take more vacations now!” Pancake House has been with Future Foods for 2 years, and is reaping the rewards of being a virtual brand leader.

As Pancake House’s story shows, virtual brands are a great option for restaurants eager to grow their business and reach more customers. They simplify your business’s operations no matter how tech-savvy you are, and make it simple to increase sales. Virtual brands provide a lifeline for restaurants during tough times, and offer significant benefits like reduced stress, higher profits, and an improved work-life balance. 

If you’re looking to expand your restaurant in an innovative way, virtual brands are what you need. Future Foods makes getting started with virtual brands easy, and ensures that your business is always achieving its goals.

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