How Chefs Kitchen Strengthens Profit with Virtual Brands

As leaders in the virtual restaurant brand space, we understand that consistent profit is key for our partners. In this post, we’ll take you on a journey through one of those businesses: Chefs Kitchen in Charlotte, North Carolina. During an interview with owner and head chef Marc Anthony Smith, we discussed the restaurant’s history, influences, and digital menu. We also touched on how Chef Anthony boosts his profit through Future Foods’ virtual brands. Let’s dig into Chefs Kitchen, and see why virtual branding can be your restaurant’s ticket to success!

A Culinary Heritage

To fully appreciate where Chef Anthony landed in the restaurant industry, it’s important to understand his roots. The chef’s culinary journey began with his grandfather, who instilled in him a love of cooking. This relationship played a pivotal role in shaping the aspiring restaurateur’s future career. 

During his childhood, Anthony would watch his grandfather in the kitchen making biscuits and pizza from scratch. He didn’t fully grasp how impressive his grandfather’s methods were until he got older, but it sparked his initial curiosity. To this day, they still bond over food and send each other recipes.

Chef Anthony’s Start in The Restaurant Industry

Chef Anthony’s journey in the restaurant industry began as a dishwasher at the Bank of America. It was only after his first child was born that he got an opportunity to step onto the kitchen line. Now, instead of washing dishes, Anthony was preparing soups and salads. He received on-the-job training, learned from his team, and moved from station to station.

After his time at Bank of America, Anthony gained experience with a variety of different culinary ventures. These included working for a private jet company, being a sous-chef at a country club, and even serving the Carolina Panthers. He even jokingly claims that the Panthers’ victory in 2015 can be attributed to his cooking. Ultimately, in 2017, Anthony and his colleague decided to enter the world of meal prep, and started their own enterprise.

The Birth of Chefs Kitchen

Chefs Kitchen was established primarily as a catering business. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the eatery pivoted toward delivery and takeout services.

During the pandemic, Chefs Kitchen secured a small business loan and opened a restaurant. Their commitment was always to provide tasty and well-presented food, no matter what form that took. 

For Chef Anthony, the heart of the restaurant business is cooking. Ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering a positive dining experience in the front- and back-of-house is what he finds most rewarding.

Discovering Future Foods and Virtual Brands

Chefs Kitchen’s introduction to Future Foods happened at the perfect time. One of our representatives reached out to Anthony and sparked his interest in virtual brands. The chef didn’t enter the partnership blindly, of course. He conducted research using our website and blog to ensure virtual branding made sense for his business. Chefs Kitchen already had the ingredients for our Pasta Glory menu, so we were a strong fit for each other. 

Before using Future Foods, the Chefs Kitchen team was told they could receive 100 orders a month. Once they began serving our menus, they were amazed to receive even more than that!

“We were told we would get 100 orders in a month, and we were like, “cool”. Then, 100 orders turned into 400 in three weeks. It’s a lot more than we thought, but that’s good.”

Chef Anthony 
Chefs Kitchen, Charlotte, NC

Pasta Glory didn’t just keep the restaurant busy during slow hours. It helped them cater to a different audience with a more budget-friendly price point.

 “It’s just good for business. It brings in extra revenue that we don’t have to find or create another brand for. It helps us a lot.”

Chef Anthony 
Chefs Kitchen, Charlotte, NC

The Future of Chefs Kitchen

Chef Anthony’s partnership with Future Foods has been instrumental in driving his business forward. It not only adds extra revenue, but streamlines the restaurant’s entire management process. With the help of Otter’s order solutions, Anthony can control everything seamlessly, without juggling multiple tablets or platforms.

“It adds everything together so you don’t have to have 5, 6, 7 tablets all at different locations. You’re able to manage everything directly through [Future Foods and] Otter, without the hassle of signing in and out of everything.”

Chef Anthony 
Chefs Kitchen, Charlotte, NC

Chef Anthony’s culinary journey stands as a testament to his passion for food and commitment to customer satisfaction. From his grandfather’s kitchen to his successful implementation of virtual brands, Anthony and Chef’s Kitchen are well-positioned for long-term success.