Updating hours for your Future Foods Brand

To help improve your store's standing on the delivery apps, if you have future closures/holiday hours, please be sure to update it on the Otter Dashboard instead of pausing. NOTE: You need to update your virtual brand hours at least 24 hours ahead of time to prevent canceled orders.

Step 1

Log in to your account at manager.tryotter.com

Step 2

On the upper left-hand side of your Otter navigation bar, find the Apps tab. Hit the drop down arrow and select Menus. In the Menus window, select the brand(s) that you want to set hours for. Click the Hours button at the top of the page and then hit Edit.

Step 3

To make a one-time adjustment, click on the Special Hours tab, select the day you need to adjust hours for and make your chances accordingly. To close your store for the day, toggle the Closed icon.

Step 4

When you finish, hit Publish to submit and repeat for any other virtual brands you have.